Research and Development


The Research and Development Program aims to ensure a research and learning focus is embedded across the organisation by co-ordinating the student placement program and managing the linkages with the university sector. CSN is committed to strategic partnerships that add value to the direct practice and advocacy that we do and help build research capacity within the organisation. A range of University student placements are offered every year across all practice areas in the network. Students are involved in a broad range of practice and research placements that enhance and evaluate the work of the organisation. All staff play an active role in supporting students. Quality Improvement processes are also co-ordinated in this area, and CSN aims for a strong and engaged CQI culture.


Research engagement between CSN and Universities is undertaken in partnership through contract arrangements and post graduate placements.  Any queries regarding prospective research projects can be made to the Manager of Research and Program Development.

Research and Student partners

Research and Policy

Our advocacy, research and social policy work draws on our experience engaging with disadvantaged people, families and communities.

We identify areas of unmet need, conduct and publish research and use our findings to advocate for change in keeping with our vision of making a positive difference in the lives of people experiencing crisis, homelessness and violence.

Professional Standards and Quality

Crisis Services has been accredited against QIC and DHHS standards by the accreditation body QIP. Health Services are accredited against AGPAL standards via its partnerships with St Vincent’s.

In 2017 CSN also received accreditation against the Rainbow Tick standards,

Child Safe Standards have been implemented since 2017, and the organisation is actively training staff and updating documents to meet the standards in this area.

Our dedicated standards and quality role facilitates the development of whole-of-organisational policies, compliance, management systems and strategies that support programs and services to achieve their objectives and comply with the required standards and legislation.

Crisis Services Network is a learning organisation committed to continuous quality improvement and to extending the professional capabilities of our staff and leadership teams.

Contact the Standards and Quality Coordinator for queries on: or (03) 9536 7764